As a longtime Powell player and Powell Artist, I am honored to also be the Exclusive Representative in Portugal of Verne Q. Powell Flutes of Boston. You can learn about Powell Flutes here and in Portuguese at Powell Flutes in Portugal. As a performer as well as representative, I love helping flutists to choose the flute of their dreams. If you would like to try a Powell (flute, piccolo, or head joints) please contact me.


Powell Flutes have been recognised as the ultimate in the art and technique of flute-making in the United States since 1927, and offer a complete line of handcrafted flutes, balancing traditional materials and construction. Powell produces four lines of instruments; each the best on the market at that price-point, and always with the special Powell character: powerful projection and endless possibilities for flexible color and dynamics.

  • Powell Handmade Custom flutes and piccolos are top-of-the-line, the pinnacle of beauty and craftsmanship. These instruments are the choice of professionals around the globe. A vast selection of materials and customizations are possible.
  • The Powell Handmade Conservatory flute is an elegant combination of classic flute specifications, drawn tone holes, and today's modern pinless mechanism. Available in sterling silver or Aurumite 9k ®, the Conservatory flute offers outstanding depth of sound and a silky-smooth mechanism.
  • The sterling silver Powell Signature flute and Grenadilla Signature piccolo put the Powell sound within the reach of many flutists. Each instrument is entirely handmade by the same artisans who create our Custom and Conservatory instruments at the Powell workshop in Maynard, Massachusetts.
  • Powell Sonaré is a family of intermediate-level concert flutes and piccolos. These instruments feature a body and headjoint made at Powell with the Modern Powell Scale and Signature Headjoints. The Powell Sonaré piccolo is an excellent choice for a sturdy, well-tuned piccolo at an excellent price.

In the Spring of 2016, Powell Flutes became a subsidiary of Buffet Crampon, adding a "missing link" to Buffet Crampon's ownership of the finest woodwind brands. The Powell factory near Boston, Massachusetts, remains unchanged, along with its extremely skilled staff.

My goal is always to help you to choose the best instrument within your budget. This can include upgrading your current flute with a Powell head joint, or combining head joints and bodies to find the perfect match for YOU. As a fellow flutist, I look forward to working with every unique musician!

If you would like try a Powell flute, piccolo, or head joints please contact me.

Katharine Rawdon

Katharine Rawdon