NEWS! Powell Flutes to attend the 5th Summer Flute Academy!!

Joining me at the 5th Academy (Academia de Flauta de Verão) this year will be the marvellous Daniel Sharp, who is now head of Powell Flutes for Europe—congratulations, Daniel, and lucky us! Daniel will be on hand with a huge selection of Powell flutes, piccolos, and head joints for all participants or listeners to try out, with his knowledgeable advice! The dates of the Academy are July 24th through 29th, at the ESMAE school in Porto, Portugal. Inscriptions are already open!

Furthermore, Powell Flutes is sponsoring a recital and masterclass by the Italian Powell Artist Paolo Taballione!! Taballione is an important solo performer as well as Solo Flutist of the Bayerische Staatsoper. We look forward to hearing him play and teach selected students at the Academy! Don't miss this double opportunity, sign up NOW!

 Powell Artist Paolo Taballione

Powell Artist Paolo Taballione


As a longtime Powell player, I am honored to have been chosen as the Exclusive Representative in Portugal of Verne Q. Powell Flutes of Boston. You can find out more about Powell Flutes through me and this site, including obtaining personal guidance for your flute needs. As an active performer as well as representative, I have extensive experience and knowledge to help you choose the perfect instrument for you! If you are interested in setting up a trial of any Powell instruments (flutes, piccolos, head joints) please contact me!


Powell Flutes have been recognised as the ultimate in the art and technique of flute-making in the United States since 1927, and now offer a remarkably complete line of handcrafted flutes, balancing traditional materials and construction with innovation on all fronts—the best of both worlds, and the best investment for any flutist. The Powell line of instruments now includes four levels: Handmade Custom, Handmade Conservatory, Signature, and Powell Sonaré. Each line offers the best flute on the market at that price-point, always with the special Powell quality: powerful projection and endless possibilities for flexible color and dynamics.

  • Powell Handmade Custom flutes and piccolos are the apex of beauty and craftsmanship. These instruments are the choice of professionals around the globe. A large selection of materials and customizations are available to truly make this flute "yours".
  • The Powell Handmade Conservatory flute is an elegant combination of classic flute specifications, drawn tone holes, and today's modern pinless mechanism. Available in sterling silver or Aurumite 9k ®, the Conservatory flute offers outstanding depth of sound and a silky-smooth mechanism.
  • The sterling silver Powell Signature flute and Grenadilla Signature piccolo put the Powell sound within the reach of many flutists. Each instrument is hand-crafted by the same artisans who create our Custom and Conservatory instruments at the Powell workshop in Maynard, Massachusetts.
  • Powell Sonaré is a family of intermediate-level concert flutes, alto flutes, and piccolos. These instruments feature a body and headjoint made at Powell with the Modern Powell Scale and Signature Headjoints. The Powell Sonaré piccolo is an excellent choice for a sturdy, well-tuned piccolo at an excellent price.

I have owned and played Powell flutes for over 30 years, including at least seven Powell instruments, each a work of art in its own right which allowed me a deeper participation in the art of music. Every Powell opens new doors to musical creativity, new technical possibilities, and to the ongoing joy of producing one's personal version of the famous “Powell sound”. 


It is for this reason that I accepted the invitation to become the exclusive Powell Representative for Portugal, and recently, to become a Powell Artist and Master Teacher, featured recently on their “Teach Flute” blog.

In the Spring of 2016, Powell Flutes became a subsidiary of Buffet Crampon, adding a "missing link" to Buffet Crampon's ownership of top woodwind brands. Powell Flutes maintains its factory near Boston, Massachusetts, unchanged, along with its extremely skilled staff. Buffet Crampon dealers in Europe may sell only the Powell-Sonaré line, while Powell's handpicked representatives such as myself retain exclusive rights to the three top lines of Powells: Handmade Custom, Handmade Conservatory, and Signature, while also carrying the Powell-Sonaré line.

As a highly experienced and knowledgeable flutist, I will help you in every detail of choosing the best instrument within your means. This can include "upgrading" your current flute with a Powell head joint, or combining head joints and bodies of different lines or materials in order to find the perfect match for YOU. I look forward to working with every unique client!

If you would like to set up a personal session to try Powell flutes, piccolos, or head joints, or for more information about Powell, please contact me.

  Katharine Rawdon

Katharine Rawdon