Better Late than Never!

That is the motto—chosen some 10 or 15 years after graduation—of my Pomona College Class, and I find it just PERFECT! And appropriate right now as I've been "off" the blog since early into our India tour. Technical difficulties; note to self: take IT genius along on next tour!

I have also been distracted or occupied with mundane things like a knock-down, drag-out cold (after not being ill for one instant in India!), orchestra concerts, both for the New Year (fun!) and Mahler Symphony Nº1 (amazing, always!), the Christmas season and the post-Christmas season. Excuses!

And, I admit, I've been distracted with "current events", which are worrisome at best. As an indirect response, I'd like to relaunch the blog today with one photo that, for me, sums up a lot about India, about tolerance, inclusion, and living in a country of 1.3 billion people—which is to say, a lot about living on an Earth with some 7.5 billion people.

This is a street sign in Delhi, and not an unusual one. It has the street name ("Marg" means street) in four of the 22 official languages of India: Hindi, English, Punjabi, and Urdu. How cool is that? And if we look carefully, doesn't each have its own visual beauty? Surely each has its own special sound, though that goes far beyond my linguistic abilities. In sum: diversity is beautiful, enlightening, enriching. 

Note also the "PIN code" at the bottom—India: serious IT going on!

Note also the "PIN code" at the bottom—India: serious IT going on!