Welcoming Aldo Baerten to The AFV

Monday I finally met Aldo Baerten here at the Summer Flute Academy, where he'll be guest-teaching courtesy of the generosity of Powell Flutes. I've been waiting for this moment for MONTHS, and we hit it off in a major way. After an opening concert by the professors in music ranging from Purcell to Takemitsu and finishing with a Scherzo from a quartet by Walckiers, we headed for great food (this is Porto, after all) and stayed talking way too late! You might say that the music business has been truly globalized when a Belgian and a Californian know any number of people in common—including Australians, and I've not even been to Australia! We discussed the orchestral life, teaching, teachers and students, and how the connections formed link us all not only geographically but to the past and the future. A different kind of World Wide Web. Today Aldo will stat working with the fabulous students of the AFV, and another set of new connections will begin to form!