A day full of inspiration

We broke with our usual AFV schedule yesterdayyy to host a masterclass by the fabulous Belgian flutist Aldo Baerten, and it was well worth it! Beyond being a flutist, he's a "musician's musician": the flute is only a tool for making MUSIC, rather than an end in and of itself. He gave generously in his attention, respect, knowledge and appreciation to each student, and they were remarkably adroit in making the suggested changes. I thoroughly enjoyed the day: I was simultaneously a teacher observing an admirable colleague's work… and taken back to my days as a young player attending masterclasses—scribbled notes to keep as food for thought and useful tactics to try when the well of my own inspiration runs dry. Thanks again to Powell Flutes, who sponsored Aldo here! (Having a technical snafu whereby I cannot attach photos to the blog- I'll do photos next week from home…). Cheers to all!