Just another typical day at the Summer Flute Academy

Which is to say: FULL! Morning: last lessons of master class given by our wonderful guest artist, Aldo Baerten- fabulous playing and fabulous teaching, exciting to watch! While everyone goes off to lunch, set up an expo of Powell flutes and piccolos in main room. Rush to lunch, eat on the fly. Seminar on the Powell company, its storied background, and current offerings, followed by a swarm of eager testers, swapping out head joints and bodies, great fun, the proverbial "birdcage on fire". OOPS, time's up, chamber music! Quick check on the duo working up the winning composition of our composition competition, "Traveling", for flue and alto flute, by Ricardo Matosinhos. Brilliant playing by two excellent participants. Then we crash the composers seminar, run by the President of the competition's jury, Ivan Moody, and the duo is worked through with the composer: a few tweaks here and there—a fantastically fun píece! Then on to hear a Kohler Quartet, which is coming along great— Friday performance on the docket. Then rush to rehearse "Recompor" by Jorge Ramos with a large ensemble: fine-tuning balance and expression, checking details with Jorge- so useful to have LIVING COMPOSERS at hand. Finally a moment of rest, then the urge to practice- a golden half hour, not bad. Final event: "Body Percussion" with Artur Carvalho. FUN FUN FUN. I am terrible, but who cares! Totally cool teacher; I want to do it again NOW! And just before starvation hits: dinner with Ivan- civilized and entertaining yakking over great food! Now that's a day in a "life in music", folks!