"Zapping" warm-up for flutists

Photos coming soon; this bug or lack Wifi or whatever is a DRAG!

Today: some flutey advice on how to warm up in a short(ish) time! I gave the warm up session this morning at the Academy, and it was not only fun (company!) but functional! 

We went through 5 exercises, as samples of a "healthy flute diet" that can be done in 20-30 minutes; I used or adapted exercises that have more than one goal. Yay for multitasking! In order, briefly, and with a reference of the original material:

1) 2-octave arpeggios, starting on F major, and ascending by half-steps. This is for checking posture, breathing without stress or hurry, and to cover the whole range. Go to top and return to low C through F. Simplified from the Vocalises in Philippe Bernold's book: L'Art de l'embouchure.

2) Two-octave scales in sixteenths, first slurred, then repeated double-tongued. Aim for same air support in both versions. Then go down two steps to the relative minor and repeat the process. Etc. through all 24 M/m keys. Can change color/dynamic to make more challenging as it goes along.. Simplified version of Taffanel and Gaubert's exercise journalier (17 Grandes E  J ) N° 4.

3) Articulation, slurs and release exercise from Moyse "De la sonorité", with pivot note (work the hardest ones most frequently!) in four versions as per M  Moyse's excellent instructions  

4) Five-note/articulation exercise from Robert Stallman's "Flute Workout". Work for sound, clarity and, of course, speed! So musical, love this book!!

5) Wide-interval study as from Bernold's book again; we did minor 7ths, but you could choose any interval (2 8ves), and vary the dynamics for a greater challenge . Always aim to work somewhere between the "easy" zone and the "frantically hard" zone - there lies PROGRESS! Enjoy and write in with feedback!